Unsustainable, on the waste trail

Road movie / Ecology / Corruption / Politics


Thousands of lorries and ships loaded with waste travel daily on European motorways and in European ports: millions of tonnes of waste of which only a fraction is inspected. The various regulations of the EU states do not prevent waste traffic where it is cheaper to manage it, a traffic which often incorporates illegal practices and which can have, as Italy demonstrates, tragic consequences for the health of citizens.

Under the law, waste should be managed as close as possible to the place where it was generated

Directed by: Christophe Sion
Screenplay: Rafa Marrasé, Maria Roig i Christophe Sion
Production: Christophe Sion
Executive producer TVC: Jordi Ambròs Hortensi
Delegate Producer TVC: Daniel Barea Delgado
Direction of photography and editing: Christophe Sion
Production direction: Maria Roig i Christophe Sion
Original music: Gerard Marsal Norte
Linguist: Maria Roig i Annalisa Giostra

“Unsustainable, on the waste trail” is produced by Hokusai Films in co-production with Kiné, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya, Porta Enrere and the support of the Diputació de Tarragona.

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