It's in the air

Poor air quality / Pollution / Petrochemical complex / Toxic gases

“Among volatile organic compounds, the network only analyzes benzene, because it is the only one to have limit values”.

“If we only assess the presence of harmful gases in the air based on annual averages, we minimize the consequences of specific times when emissions are very high”.

“We are exposed to many chemicals at the same time and at very different concentrations: we do not know what the harmful effects of this interaction of chemicals may be on human health”.

“Around the petrochemical complex, the industry is the media’s best client…”

“Air quality is measured for specific pollutants, but there are many others that are not monitored…”

Direction: Christophe Sion – Santi Suárez-Baldris
Screenplay: Santi Suárez-Baldris
Production: Belén Sánchez – Santi Suárez-Baldris
Production direction: Agnès Batllori – Belén Sánchez
Direction of photography: Christophe Desplanques
Original music: David Pastor – Mario Roldán
A production of “Un Capricho de Producciones”

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