On the war on drugs

Anti-prohibition / Drug policies / Regulation

‘On The War On Drugs’ is a documentary film that aims to highlight progressive ideas, arguments and practice that critique current prohibitionist drug policies. Through an examination of its historical origins, and adverse human impact, we hope to promote a broader and more critical understanding of prohibition. Through this film, we are endeavouring to both encourge and contribute to much needed discussion about how best to regulate the consumption of different psychoactive substances.

At the end of the Second World War, the Americans, through the drivers behind the UN conventions, had only one way of looking at things and telling the world: drinking alcohol is “OK” and all other drugs are bad.

Community members need to understand that drug use is not a disgusting thing that bad people do.

To put it bluntly, the ban is a historical aberration, it’s a mistake…

Many doctors do not bother to check whether their country has overinterpreted some parts of the conventions and reinterpreted others.

With the collaboration of the Drug Action Plan of Reus and ARSU

Script: Tre Borràs – Antoniu Llort
Filming and Editing: Christophe Sion
Translation: Marta Bonet – Marcus Packard
A production of Hokusai Films

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