Born to be wild

November 28, 2023 Documentary We like We participated

Our colleagues from Work Less Climb More bring us into the lives of a couple looking for the most respectful way to give birth to their children.

Direction, photography and editing: Laurent Triay
Additional images: Javier Rodriguez
Drone: Christophe Desplanques i Christophe Sion
Production: Work Less Climb More


An immersion into the life of a couple seeking the most respectful path to giving birth to their children. Being unaware of the topic of childbirth at the beginning of the story, the film traces their journey until they choose free birth. This film is primarily a tribute to the creative power of women and love. It is an anthem dedicated to nature and its perfection. The film’s objective is to showcase a simple and natural lifestyle and to make supervised home birth more accessible and respected by all. In this sense, the film is highly educational and contains a significant amount of information. It is also intended for future fathers as a tool to help them better understand their role during pregnancy and childbirth. It is a non-judgmental film that only presents facts, allowing each individual to draw their own personal conclusions.

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